Top 6 Immortal Guest Performances on Steely Dan Songs

"Home at Last" - Bernard Purdie's Shuffle: Iconic beat on "Home at Last" introduces the influential "Purdie half-time shuffle," inspiring drummers worldwide.

"West of Hollywood" - Chris Potter's Melodic Tale: Saxophonist Chris Potter's compelling solo in "West of Hollywood" mirrors frustration and sadness in musical storytelling.

"Peg" - Jay Graydon's Sensational Runs: Jay Graydon's guitar solo on "Peg" delivers sensational runs and galloping energy, propelling the song to new heights.

"Peg" - Michael McDonald's Harmonized Masterpiece: Michael McDonald's harmonized vocals on "Peg" are a masterpiece, addictive with over 44 million YouTube views.

"Aja" - Steve Gadd's Mesmerizing Firepower: Steve Gadd's tasteful drumming in "Aja" builds to mesmerizing firepower, enhancing Wayne Shorter's sax solo and the outro.

"Kid Charlemagne" - Larry Carlton's Legendary Showcase: Larry Carlton's 50-second guitar showcase in "Kid Charlemagne" is a celebrated rock history moment, with breathtaking runs and a tasteful finale.