Top 7 Classic Rock Songs of the ’70s

7. "Hotel California" – Eagles (1977): Eagles' timeless classic defines '70s rock with cinematic richness, intricate harmonies, and enduring California rock allure.

6. "Stairway to Heaven" – Led Zeppelin (1971): Led Zeppelin's iconic hit blends folk, progressive, and hard rock, showcasing the band's musical prowess and achieving anthemic status.

5. "Free Bird" – Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973) :Lynyrd Skynyrd's epic "Free Bird" captivates with a 9-minute Southern rock journey, blending weepy steel, forlorn lyrics, and explosive instrumental prowess.

4. "Layla" – Derek and the Dominos: Derek and the Dominos' bluesy masterpiece screams '70s classic, featuring Eric Clapton's guitar brilliance and an iconic piano coda.

3. "Smoke on the Water" – Deep Purple (1972): Deep Purple's unmistakable anthem, "Smoke on the Water," embodies the essence of rock with its memorable riff, thumping bass, and sneering vocals.

2. "Sultans Of Swing" – Dire Straits (1978): Dire Straits' rock perfection in "Sultans of Swing" combines blues-drenched vibes, crisp guitar, and cool vocals, creating an effortlessly enduring sound.

1. "Bohemian Rhapsody" – Queen (1975): Queen's masterpiece "Bohemian Rhapsody" epitomizes rock's diversity, blending ballad, opera, and hard rock into an iconic magnum opus.