Winter NAMM Day 1

The annual musical instrument trade show, commonly know as NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), convened to day in Anaheim, California.  Manufactures and retailers from all over the world descended upon the usually sunny resort town (Disneyland is next door to the Convention Center) to find cloudy, rain skies that are forecast to last the duration of the show.

While optimism abound because of the recovering economy among vendors and buyers, the effects the recession availed itself with less innovation…especially from independent startups…but that didn’t prevent the show from having some eye-catching instruments.

In the next few days we’ll present practical work offerings, the bazaar, and boutique instruments that made the show.

Deering Banjos prepared their Zombie Killer banjo, with a saw blade edged in blood red, and severed body parts inlays.


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