3 of the Best Eagles Songs Without Glenn Frey or Don Henley on Lead Vocals

Many Eagles hits are synonymous with Glenn Frey or Don Henley's vocals, yet some gems feature other band members.

"Try and Love Again" (Randy Meisner):  Meisner's sunny vocals shine in this breezy tune, his final lead before leaving the band.

"I Can’t Tell You Why" (Timothy B. Schmit):  A sultry ballad reminiscent of Eagles' classics, showcasing Schmit's smooth vocals.

"Take It To The Limit" (Randy Meisner):  Meisner's decadent harmonies elevate this signature Eagles track, despite not being from the Frey-Henley duo.

Despite Eagles hits often featuring Frey or Henley, songs like these highlight the talent and diversity within the band.