5 Albums You Didn’t Know Todd Rundgren Produced

Straight Up by Badfinger (1971): Rundgren stepped in to produce tracks for Badfinger's album, contributing to hits like "Day After Day" and "Baby Blue," showcasing his versatile production skills.

Sparks by Sparks (1971): Rundgren's collaboration with Sparks (Halfnelson) on their debut album resulted in a blend of melodic and offbeat tunes, highlighting their kindred musical spirits.

War Babies by Hall & Oates (1974): The only album Rundgren produced for Hall & Oates, "War Babies," blends R&B influences and proggy vibes, offering a sonic departure from their later popular releases.

Wasp by Shaun Cassidy (1980): Rundgren's influence transformed teen idol Shaun Cassidy's sound, infusing New Wave elements and Utopia's backing, making "Wasp" a hidden gem for Rundgren enthusiasts.

Forever Now by The Psychedelic Furs (1982): Influencing The Psychedelic Furs' sound, Rundgren's subtle touches, from vocal counter-melodies to marimba parts, shine in the album "Forever Now," marking a unique collaboration.