6 Best Digital Pianos Under $1000

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Casio PX-S3100: The Casio PX-S3100 is an upgraded version of the PX-S3000, with an improved resonance system, speakers, wireless connectivity, and fully weighted Smart Scaled Hammer Action. It's a portable piano that feels in sound and touch with the Privia quality. The PX-S3100 runs on batteries and AC power to fit any style of life and inspire you to play wherever you are.

Best Overall

Yamaha P-225: The P-225 is a compact, portable digital piano from the Yamaha P Series. Its lightweight and sleek design makes it perfect for players looking for a small digital piano with the quality and exceptional sound of the Yamaha CFX Grand Piano.

Best Portable Piano

Korg B2SP: The Korg B2SP will attract beginner piano players looking for portable digital pianos that offer the experience of playing on a real piano. It also includes bundled software that makes the best of the various types of connectors in the B2SP to expand your sounds and range.

Best Budget Pick

Roland FP-30X: Built on the FP-10 legacy, the Roland FP-30X is the middle ground between quality and cost-benefit. It’s a portable digital piano with onboard speakers and uses the SuperNATURAL piano Roland technology as its sound engine, plus a huge palette of sounds to explore different musical genres.

Best Sound Effects

Kawai ES120: The Kawai ES120 is one of the most beloved entry-level digital pianos, and for the right reasons. It's ultra-portable and features responsive hammer compact keys, the breathtaking sound of the Shigeru Kawai grand piano, Bluetooth MIDI, and audio connectivity.

Best Realistic Sound

Casio PX-870: The Casio PX-870 is a world-renowned digital piano that provides the real piano experience in terms of feeling and sound. It comes in a contemporary style with a classic acoustic piano sound and has top-quality speakers that provide a fine, detailed presentation. Unless on sale, it costs slightly more than $1000, but it's still a bargain for what you'll get.

Best Upgrade