7 Best Keyboard Amps of 2024

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Aspen Pittman Designs Stereo Spacestation V.3: The Spacestation’s 3D stereo technology is one of a kind and makes it a unique piece of gear in the keyboard amp ecosystem. With its 300-degree sound field, this monitor provides every listener with the same rich stereo mix regardless of their position in the room.

Best Overall

Roland KC-600: The Roland KC-600 keyboard amplifier is a no-nonsense keyboard amplifier with a versatile sound and deep base, loud enough for live shows and with plenty of connectivity options.

Most Versatile

Behringer Ultratone KXD15: The Behringer Ultratone KXD15 is a powerful amp with a built-in mixer, a wide array of effects, and virtually everything a keyboardist needs for live performance and beyond.

Best for Solo Artists

Laney AUDIOHUB AH300: The Laney AUDIOHUB AH300 is a compact keyboard amp that offers a crystal-clear sound and five channels you can use to connect an entire band. This amp is a must-have for artists who need a compact but powerful amp for their medium-size gigs and rehearsals.

Best for Large Venues

Peavey KB 3: The Peavey KB 3 is more than just a keyboard amp: it’s an amplifier that sounds magnificent however you use it, whether to amplify your synth or acoustic guitar. Its 60W of power makes it loud enough for home studios, rehearsals, and small venues.

Best Small Keyboard Amp

Vox VX50KB: Featuring Nutube circuitry, the compact and lightweight Vox VX50KB offers a rich analog tone that will enhance the sound articulation of your gear.

Best for Small Venues

Roland Mobile Cube: Perfect for solo practice and small shows, the Mobile Cube is a great mix of versatility and performance at a reasonable price, with battery power functionalities to play whenever the inspiration strikes.

Best Practice Amp