7 Best Mini Amps of 2024

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Boss Katana Mini - 7-watt Combo Amp: A sleek, affordable solution for anyone who just wants to be able to plug in and play.

Best Overall

Orange Crush Mini 3-watt Micro Amp - Orange: An amp so small and affordable, you won't believe it actually sounds decent!

Most Affordable

Vox Pathfinder 10 1 x 6.5-inch 10-watt Combo Amp: With simple yet robust controls, this amp is fantastic for classic rock and blues. But it's versatile enough to work for just about any style of music!

Best Classic Tone

Positive Grid Spark GO: A fun gift or accessory for guitar players who also just want a Bluetooth speaker. It's impressively convenient.

Best Speaker/Amp Combo

Yamaha THR5 2x3" 10-watt Modeling Combo Amp: Yamaha thought of everything with this amp. Its tone controls and effects are impressive, and it's a very useful tool for recording and tone tweaking.

Most Feature-Rich