The Meaning Behind “As It Was” by Harry Styles

Setting the Scene: Harry Styles' "As It Was" blends '80s synths with poignant lyrics, creating a unique musical contrast, reflecting his cryptic yet self-aware songwriting style.

Is The Song About Childhood Trauma?Speculations arise that the song delves into Styles' childhood, particularly his parents' divorce, expressing both longing for his father's care and reflections on self-destructive behavior.

The Pandemic? Styles suggests the song reflects the pandemic's impact, emphasizing a transformative period where he redefined his identity beyond being a musician, encompassing roles as a friend, brother, and son.

Girlfriend, Olivia Wilde?Fans speculate that the lyrics hint at Styles' relationship with Olivia Wilde, especially the bridge referring to leaving America and two kids, offering a glimpse into his personal life.

Once Again Great Success for Mr. Styles: "As It Was" marks Styles' return, topping charts globally.