Guest Blog: James Rotondi, “How To Write A Song A Week”

rotos magicactrickedwards4 James Rotondi is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and writer currently based in New York City. His career includes stints with Air, Mike Patton's Mr. Bungle and Trilon. His current project is his own Roto's Magic Act, a neo-classic rock act. This is the first installment of his four-part series called "How To Write A Song A Week."  Part One: Fear Takes A Holiday The answer to the open question, “How to Write A Song A Week,” is fairly simple: you sit your ass down and write one song every week. Ah, but there’s the thing—how do you get yourself to sit down and write that song, what with all the myriad things you have to do, like making money and cleaning the kitchen floor. And just as crucially, why even try to force yourself to write. After all, great songs come as terrific flashes of inspiration from the creative thundercloud, right. Surely, one can’t simply decide to sit down and write a great song. . . No, you cannot decide to sit down and write a great song. But you can decide to sit down and write a song, any song, no matter how goofy, transparent, cliché-ridden, or half-assed it may be, and regardless of what that less-than-perfect song will say about you as a human being when you’re done with it. (But Mom said I was “special”!) Of course, you do need some motivation to willingly push yourself into this wobbly, woozy territory of the “okay songwriter," and there is only one sure-fire force that is guaranteed to make you do it. Fear. That, at least, is it how it worked for me, when I was invited to join an already-in-progress songwriting club, led by Austin, TX singer-songwriter Bob... Sign In to Keep Reading

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