It Takes A Worried Man: A Q&A with Jeff Rosenstock

jrw Photo by Andy Johnson

On his newest album, Worry., Jeff Rosenstock faces his anxieties head on. Navigating cultural malaise, police brutality, gentrification and true love, and featuring 17 relentlessly catchy, sonically diverse tracks, the former Bomb The Music Industry! frontman’s third solo outing is his most ambitious yet. Rosenstock chatted with American Songwriter about the making of the record, politics in punk rock, his love for ELO and more.

So you rented a house on the beach in California to record this record.

It’s a place called the Panoramic House and I saw an ad for it in Tape Op. It’s a recording studio that’s in this beautiful house overlooking the beach in Stinson Beach, California. We knew we wanted to record with Jack (Shirley) again but I kind of wanted to do something a little different. And it wasn’t too crazy expensive so we lived at that house for a week and made most of the record and then I did the vocals back at Jack’s studio in east Palo Alto.

Did you guys have the songs mostly worked out when you got there or did you work on the arrangements in the studio.

It was already worked out. With every record that I’ve done since the first Bomb The Music Industry! Record, I’ve recorded them all in an apartment with drum machines and synthesizers and stuff to work out the arrangements. I hear stuff in my head and I want to get it down and hear it out to make sure that it all sounds good; so I’m not fucking around in the studio trying to find the perfect part at the last second. When... Sign In to Keep Reading

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