Alex Da Kid On Discovering Imagine Dragons And Crafting Tracks For Rihanna, Eminem, U2

alex da kid Chris Rock once said that the music business is “fickle, fickle, fickle. You’re here today... then gone today!” Navigating the rough waters of the present-day, ever-changing industry can be exceedingly difficult, but Alex da Kid has apparently managed to break through unscathed. Born and raised in England, Alex has improbably dominated multiple genres of music, crafting a variety of hit albums and singles, including Rihanna and Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie,” B.O.B. and Hayley William’s “Airplanes,” and the smash Imagine Dragons album “Night Visions.” Here, Alex talks about his wild ride to the top, discovering Imagine Dragons, and working with the likes of U2 and Eminem. Thanks so much for chatting with me. Let’s start off with what you think your first breakthrough in music was. The thing that made you say to yourself, “I think I made it.” It was the first week my friend gave me (music editing software) Fruity Loops. I just locked myself in my bedroom and, like, created music. I always loved music, but I didn’t know how it was created and I didn’t understand any of that... It’s not like I came from a family that made music, we only just liked it. So once I figured out how songs were put together, it just opened up another part of my brain. It became everything to me and a complete obsession. Everything else in my life faded away. So how did you make the move from the UK to New York. I was getting work experience and meeting people in the music industry in England, and decided to come out to America around 2006; I had initially met people on MySpace, and kept on making connections. A publishing deal was offered to me from Universal Records, so I immediately... Sign In to Keep Reading

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