Guest Blog: Jeff Price, “Why You and Taylor Swift Are Not Getting Paid The Money You Earned From The Streams Of Your Songs (And No, Your Record Label Is Not Supposed To Pay You)”

jp Since the inception of interactive streaming music services in the US over a decade ago (i.e. Rhapsody, Spotify etc.), music publishers of all sizes and geographical locations have been underpaid, or not paid at all, for streams of their songs. The reason: streaming music services did not build the needed infrastructure to make the payments and outsourced the job to third party companies. This problem-- combined with the existence of a US compulsory license, bad meta-data, advances to major publishers, lack of accountability, confusing royalty rates and no ability to audit-- created the perfect storm for hundreds of millions of dollars to be earned but not paid. This problem extends beyond US-based music publishers; it impacts and affects every publisher located anywhere in the world. To address and fix this problem, Audiam is launching the International Association of Music Publishers (IAMP) IAMP’s mission: Get music publishers and songwriters worldwide paid accurately and on time for the digital use of their compositions. IAMP, using its own technology combined with a deep understanding of global copyright laws as well as enforcement and revocation of the US compulsory license, gets music publishers paid their past, present and future royalties. IAMP’s efforts are already producing results. In October 2014, it recovered over $55,000 in interactive streaming mechanical royalties dating back to 2007 for twenty-five of its publisher clients from five different interactive streaming services. More money is being recovered each month. IAMP provides the service under a first of its kind no risk structure for music publishers with... Sign In to Keep Reading

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