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Dedicated to the craft of music since 1984, American Songwriter is an international media brand. Founded as a print publication, the American Songwriter brand has evolved into a robust digital platform that is highly regarded around the globe as a trusted resource for artistic communities.

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  • 1,000,000+ Monthly Visitors
  • 4,000,000+ Monthly Page views
  • 115,000+ Newsletter Subscribers
  • 1,000,000+ Social Followers
  • 30,000+ Registered Members


 Median Age: 44

Gender: 60% Male, 40% Female

Median HHI: $87,500

Over 80% play music and/or write songs.

62.5% describe themselves as professional, aspiring or hobbyist songwriters.

77% play guitar, 33% play piano or keyboard. Over 60% play publicly. Our audience spends an average of $1407 per year on musical equipment.

18% attend 20+ musical performances per year and over 33% attend 10+

66% have a free account with a music subscription service.

46% have a paid subscription to a streaming service. On average our audience spends almost $40 on CD’s or vinyl, $9 per month on digital downloads and $8 per month on streaming services.


American Songwriter maintains relationships with a network of internationally renowned singer-songwriters, bands, recording artists and professional songwriters. Our influencers offer valuable distribution channels for our advertising partners. We can create a completely tailored, optimized distribution plan to deliver branded content to key audiences.


Our team of social and content strategists expertly combine written editorial, video, and engagement tools content with our advertiser’s goals to create compelling, on-brand content.



We build original and powerful stories to align your brand with your target audience, showcase your brand’s personality and effectively extend the reach of your marketing efforts.


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For Advertising Inquiries
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Songwriters, musicians, and music enthusiasts trust American Songwriter (founded in 1984) to be their authentic home for the latest news, information, and coaching from the music industry. Dedicated to the Craft of Music and supporting the songwriter community for the past 35 years, American Songwriter is an international website, magazine, and podcast network.

American Songwriter explores all genres of music—Distributed internationally with a heavy USA subscriber base, the readership of American Songwriter is just as diverse as its contents—aspiring to professional songwriters, musicians, music publishers, studio owners, copyright lawyers, record label A&R, and music enthusiasts.

American Songwriter magazine is published bi-monthly. The magazine offers in-depth Q&A’s with up-and-coming, established and legendary songwriters and artists, covers recording technology, including the latest gadgets and gear every songwriter should know about, and reports on the business of music with interviews and insight from publishers, record label executives, producers and other industry professionals. provides much of the same ethos plus daily news reporting, new album reviews, video interviews, in-office video recording sessions, live photos, livestream concerts, business insight, blogs and online exclusive content for aspiring or professional songwriters and serious music enthusiasts. Opinions expressed by contributing writers do not necessarily reflect the views of American Songwriter.

Advertisers include international instrument manufacturers, record labels who want to gain exposure for their artists, publishers who honor writer achievements, demo studios, festivals, conferences, book publishing houses, recording software companies and a select group of non-musical companies who position their product offerings to identify with music culture.

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