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Behind The Song: John Mellencamp, “Pink Houses”

Written by John Mellencamp The most trivial encounters can lead to great songwriting observations. Years ago, ‘80s rock icon John Mellencamp was driving along Interstate 65, weaving his way through Indianapolis, when he spotted...

Behind The Song: The Charlie Daniels Band, “Uneasy Rider”

Written by Charlie Daniels A consummate storyteller, Charlie Daniels knows exactly how to craft a full-bodied story. “Uneasy Rider,” the band’s first hit, off 1973’s Honey in the Rock, is a spoken narrative, dressed...

Behind the Album: ‘Highway Companion’ by Tom Petty, Part One

In honor of its 14th anniversary today, a celebration of his final solo album featuring Tom's memories of writing and recording every song Highway Companion, the last of Tom...

Behind The Song: Stephen Stills, “Treetop Flyer”

Stephen Stills is a great electric guitar soloist, a formidable multi-instrumentalist, and an instantly-recognizable singer who was lucky enough to run into a couple of guys named Crosby and Nash back in the ‘60s. But those in the know...

Behind The Song: Gordon Lightfoot, “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”

Gordon Lightfoot has been around for longer than most folks realize, with hit records in his native Canada in the 1960s and a number one as a country songwriter with Marty Robbins in 1965. He eventually found success as...

Behind The Song: Kasey Chambers, “The Captain”

Most songwriters use their early songs and albums as a way of finding their voice, but some arrive on the scene seemingly fully-formed. Kasey Chambers belonged to the latter category when she released her debut album The Captain in...

Behind The Song: Simple Minds, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”

It’s an ‘80s masterpiece, an American teen anthem and Judd Nelson’s fist in the air. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” cleverly trumpets all of these sentiments in one timeless bundle.

Behind The Song: The Charlie Daniels Band, “Long Haired Country Boy”

Written by Charlie Daniels Charlie Daniels wished he would have rearranged the lyrics from the start. In the original version of “Long Haired Country Boy,” a cut from the band’s 1974 album, Fire on...

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