How Did They Write That? Phillip Phillips, “Home”

(Left to right: Phillip Phillips, Greg Holden, Drew Pearson) How Did They Write That. Phillip Phillips, “Home” Written by: Drew Pearson & Greg Holden Recorded by: Phillip Phillips Peak Chart Position: No. 7 Billboard Hot 100, No. 1 Adult Pop & Triple A What is a typical day like in the life of Drew Pearson. It's kind of 9 to 5 for me . . . well more like 11 to 8. I head to my studio in the morning and either write a song (usually with an artist or another writer), or finish production on a song I've written on previously. I'll usually play an instrument and sing (poorly I might add) sometime during the day, and I'll almost always laugh too loud at something someone has said. I struggle with the volume of my laugh. When and where did you and Greg Holden write "Home.” We wrote it at my studio in Burbank, California last November. How much or how little did you edit it, during or afterward. Were there any phrases or words you can remember that were especially tough to make a final decision on. I edit quite a bit in sessions. Sometimes even changing a conjunction can make a huge difference. Even while the singer is on the mic I'll be asking them to try different words or melodies, because you never really know how well something is going to sound until you hear it through the mic and out of the speakers. On "Home," we did make an arrangement change about a month after it was written. Originally the song was just two verses at the... Sign In to Keep Reading

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