Margo Price Bets The Farm On It

Talk to any number of musicians in the East Nashville community, and they will speak of Price’s unrelenting drive, and belief in her art.

Photos by Angelina Castillo

Margo Price doesn’t have a lot of time off lately, which is why she and Jeremy Ivey, her husband and songwriting partner, made the best of a quiet day this summer between shows at a modest hotel off I-90 in Illinois, about two and a half hours from the small farming town where she grew up.

“We had a day off in Rockford, so we stayed at the La Quinta Inn just hanging out and riding bicycles around the parking lot,” Price says, seated outside at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in the Madison area of Nashville with Ivey, drinking a beer on the patio and slapping some aggressive mosquitos with her bare hands (those little buggers really seem to like her). But there weren’t any good restaurants around, so they found a bowling alley nearby and ate some wings. “We bowled like eight games,” she says, holed up at a table in a Neil Young t-shirt and jeans, kicking her boots up. “Everyone got really competitive.”

“Dollar games, dollar hotdogs,” singsongs Ivey, in various shades of brown and navy. Their son, Judah, even had his first Shirley Temple there at the Cherry Bowl, where Price, Ivey and the band — the Pricetags, as they’re known — all spent a Friday night shooting for strikes with their tour bus parked nearby, between dates supporting Chris Stapleton.

Shortly beforehand, performing at the Newport Folk Festival as a duo — something they hadn’t done in ages — Price and Ivey spent the time off stage enjoying the sea air and eating their “weight in oysters,” a habit they have shared with the legendary folk master, John Prine.... Sign In to Keep Reading

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