Mark Knopfler: Slightly Obsessed

“You’ve got to really want to do this. The desire will see you through the times when it’s not so easy.”

The good news is that Mark Knopfler is still combining piercing songwriting with guitar brilliance on his wonderful new album Down The Road Wherever. The better news is that the album title anticipates a U.S. Tour in 2019. Knopfler recently spoke to American Songwriter about the influences on his newest songs, our over-opinionated culture, and the unflagging passion for music that his sustained him through his four-decade career. You have songs on the new album about trappers and drovers, somewhat archaic professions. Do you ever have to do research for them? Well, “The Trapper Man” can be about anybody. As far as I’m concerned it can be about the music business. It doesn’t really make any difference what business you’re in. The principle is the same. But I do like to research a little bit here and there. It depends on the song. Was “Nobody Does That,” which has a 70’s Stevie Wonder funk vibe, as fun to play as it sounded? That was first take. That’s how great the band is. All we had to do was maybe edit it a few places. I may approach some songs in a different way, you know, make a map of the song…

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