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Justin Gray

Justin Gray is Helping New Talent Monetize Their Music With MDIIO

Justin Gray, veteran songwriter, producer, and music executive joins Songcraft to share his insight on the music industry. Topics that he weighs in on include dealing with success and where he finds value in his career now.  Working with massive talents like Mariah Carey, Avril Lavigne, Joss Stone, Glen Campbell, and Luis Fonsi, Gray has More

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Carter Faith

Carter Faith: The Future of Nashville

Named “the future of the next 10 years of Nashville,” by Apple Music host Ward Guenther, Carter Faith embodies the new wave of artists on the block. A full-time student and a full-time artist, Faith explains on The Zak Kuhn Show how she’s able to do it all and do it well.  Growing up in More

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Joshua Radin Delves Into the Fear of Intimacy on New Album

Joshua Radin, a tremendously successful songwriter, joins Michael Franti’s Stay Human podcast for an in-depth conversation on Radin’s career, achievements, and newest album The Ghost and the Wall.  Looking back on Radin’s relationship with music, he explains that becoming a songwriter wasn’t necessarily something he expected. Writing songs didn’t come naturally to Radin until he More

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LP’s “Lost on You” Surpasses One Billion Streams

Landing a hit is an artist and songwriter’s ultimate moving target, a lifeline of sorts in the industry. From her major cut “Cheers (Drink to That)” in 2010 to her international hit “Lost on You” in 2017, LP has been able to keep up with the times and consistently end up on top. In her More

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Martin Sexton Talks New EP “2020 Vision” on ‘Basic Folk’

2020 Vision, Martin Sexton’s newly released EP, explores the world today through both macro and microlenses. The EP includes songs like “Hold On,” which was inspired by a treehouse Sexton finally built with his son over quarantine, to “Calling on America,” a topical song that reaches much farther than his backyard. In his conversation with More

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