Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with KOU (Kingdom of Us)

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Wilkes of KOU (Kingdom of Us) over Zoom video! 

In celebration of Earth Day back in April, activist rocker KOU (formerly of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) has today dropped a fresh single “Tranquility” featuring The Sass Brothers plus an accompanying music video. With soaring vocals and heavy guitars, “Tranquility” speaks to the damage modern society inflicts upon the planet and is a plea for change before it’s too late. Furthermore, KOU has partnered with the One Tree Planted charity in supporting their mission of bettering the environment with an exclusive, limited-edition merch drop. Speaking on the release, KOU‘s Jon Wilkes shares:

“I came together with The Sass Brothers to write Tranquility because our planet is literally changing because of our actions. I kept seeing people just flat out not care. We partnered with One Tree Planted to show people how easy it is to make a huge difference! One dollar will plant one tree. Each tree helps to heal the damage we have done over decades and decades of industrial selfishness. Join us now and do whatever you can to help. This is about our home planet, let’s save her together before it is too late!”

One Tree Planted‘s Greenhouse Manager, Cassandra Vitiello, also commented on the partnership:

“We are delighted to be partnering with KOU on the release of Tranquility. As the song suggests, our Earth needs our attention, and together we can make a difference! The trees KOU and their fanbase will be supporting planting projects which help restore wildfire damage areas, provide habitat for biodiversity, support communities, and so much more.”

Check out the video for “Tranquility” here or by clicking on the image below. Click here to support the merch drop, and for donations click here.

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