Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Maasho

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Maasho over Zoom video!

Suburban Rockstar Maasho makes a comeback with his pop-rock anthem “Sad Machine.” After six months of cultivating new music with pop and rock production styles, this single is the first glimpse into his 10-song album ABESWRLD.

This song expresses a two-sided environment for both party animals who want to scream the lyrics at the top of their lungs, and wallflowers who find themselves alone in the bathroom with the sad machine pointed at them. The relationship between the lyrics and production creates a wavering atmosphere of both inclusion and isolation. The memorable hook coupled with hard-hitting drums and car-shaking sub-bass creates this tone. This is conveyed further through the use of the titular character ‘Sad Machine’ as the cover art and as the main focus of the entrancing music video.

“Sad Machine” follows Maasho’s latest single “BIG SHOT!” (feat. Sonny Miles) as well as three-part EP “World On Fire.” 2020 was a year full of finding ways to best express his lyrical storytelling abilities and, with ABESWLRD, Maasho has done just that. With over 13 million streams, playlisting placements on Apple Music’s BASE:LINE, and various Spotify playlists along the way, Maasho is ready to bring a whole new version of himself to the world… a.k.a. ABESWRLD.

Crafting indie pop, alt. hip-hop, and pop-rock hits, Abel Maasho is a 19-year-old Ethiopian genre-defying artist from Raleigh, N.C. He has been songwriting and making music in his dorm/hometown bedroom for two years. Since he began experimenting with music in 2019, Maasho has garnered over 13 million global streams gathering inspiration from artists like Jean Dawson, Tame Impala, Dominic Fike, and Childish Gambino. Maasho is bringing new Rockstar elements to the world of hip-hop and R&Bin 2021.

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