Cobi Says Songwriting Is All About Development

Growing up in Northern Minnesota, singer-songwriter Cobi began playing gigs when he was still a teenager. He went on to attend the prestigious Berkee College of Music in Boston before joining the indie pop band, Gentlemen Hall. When that band split in 2015, he launched a solo career; his latest single, the powerful, soulful “Faith in Tomorrow” was released on September 2.

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Going through all of these different career phases has given Cobi unique insight into the songwriting craft, which means he can offer advice to help others have a smoother path. The most important thing, he says, is to recognize that this is an art form that requires dedication.

“Songwriting is such a craft – it needs to be worked on and honored all the time,” Cobi says. “So when you’re in the early stages of your development of your craft, it’s really just about practicing it daily. That’s really how you get to the point where it comes more naturally and you’re good at it.”

Cobi also suggests, “Do what feels right and write what comes from the heart and don’t worry about what other people are trying to tell you what to do. Eventually, you’ll find your own voice and you’ll probably surprise yourself if you just keep your head down and keep working on it.” For added inspiration, he recommends, “Work with other writers that are good at things that you’re not good at. Find your weaknesses as a writer and work on them.”

Ultimately, though, Cobi believes that the songwriter is more of a conduit than anything else. “I feel like, as a songwriter, you’re not really writing a song – the song comes through you, it doesn’t come from you. So just tapping into something that’s already there and pulling it out into existence, it’s already there in a stream of consciousness that you grab and pull out.”

Cobi proves he has mastered this craft with “Faith in Tomorrow,” which is the first in a series of singles he’s planning to release each month until he’ll release a full-length album sometime early in 2021. “Every time I finish a new song, I get a little high about it,” he says. “I think I always felt that way and that’s what’s kept me going as a songwriter.”

“Faith in Tomorrow” is available to buy/stream via all digital platforms and Cobi’s webpage:

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