Music + Tech Special: Giving Your Music A Visual Story

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TunesMap is working to revolutionize the way we consume music. The platform offers users a more dynamic listening experience than ever before, by providing a kind of mini-documentary to accompany songs. All a user has to do is play a song from a premium music streaming service and TunesMap will instantly create an interactive visual collection of films, art, fashion, books, photos, articles, videos, and merchandise around the artist and their cultural scene.

“For the past three years we’ve been working on making an experience for listeners that provides them with content, based on the artist they’re listening to, and the time, place, and genre that pertains to that song,” says TunesMap curator Joseph Aaskov.

The TunesMap process is partially hand-curated and partially algorithmic. The company has partnered with a collection of agencies, including The New York Times, Morrison Hotel Gallery, Country Music Hall of Fame, and Amazon to deliver instant high-quality information.

TunesMap also provides musicians with tools to help them craft their visual narratives themselves. This gives artists the opportunity to publicize whatever they consider important about their music or process and allows musicians to tell the stories behind their music.

“Essentially our hope is to help people discover information that aides in their understanding of the music they listen to, as well as provide a visually satisfying experience on your TV screen while you enjoy your music,” says Aaskov. — SARA SCANNELL

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