VOX Amplification Adds a Dash of Deep South to Classic British Guitar Tones

Vox AC15 with GC12C speaker

VOX is adding a bit of southern charm to their classic AC15 amplifier. Handmade in the heart of Kentucky, the AC15C1-G12C amp is equipped with a Warehouse Guitar Speakers GC12C, emanating a western style to the iconic British chime of the original. These speakers provide a punchy low end, as well as a clear top end, a combination that maintains the perfect balance of power and clean tone. Available in limited quantities only, this new AC15 is the perfect complement to any guitarist’s rig.

“A great amplifier design really shines when it’s paired with an equally great speaker. Warehouse Guitar Speakers have done an excellent job over the past few years building quality speakers in the USA. We are proud to partner with them and lend a new voice to one of our most iconic amplifiers,” states Product Manager for Guitar Brands, John Stippell.


The AC15-G12C will be on display at the KORG USA, Inc. WNAMM booth in Hall B, #8802. Hear for yourself what happens when you mix the most popular British amplifiers with one of the best names in boutique USA handmade speakers.

For more information, visit www.voxamps.com.

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