Anti-Beach Music: A Q&A With Dead Confederate

photo by Jamie Younger Dead Confederate singer Hardy Morris sat down with American Songwriter amid the sound and fury of the Hangout Festival on Saturday. The interview was conducted from the back of a golf cart, in homage to Hardy’s hometown of Augusta, Georgia, home of The Masters. We talked about the unique nature of Hangout, the importance of a band name, and the group’s “happy, hippy” song. (Editor's note: Watch the video below to catch our "surprise" guest at the 5:20 mark.) What’s your impression of Hangout, and how does it compare to other festivals. A lot of festivals are real similar just in the whole setup and experience. But this is cool because it’s on the beach and the weather’s awesome. It’s just a good vibe. It’s probably a little odd for our music. We’re like anti- beach music I think you are the heaviest set so far. Motorhead! Who are also playing the Grooveshark stage.....But it’s nice. When you roll around on a big tour, you’re living day to day, kind of hand-to-mouth. Some shows are better than others. Festivals are just a treat because you get treated so well and the crowd’s are into it. It’s awesome. Any other acts you’re into seeing. I want to see Foo Fighters; I’ve never seen Foo Fighters. My Morning Jacket was great yesterday. And [Drive-By] Truckers on Sunday, our Athens compadres. Sign In to Keep Reading

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