The Kinks, “Come Dancing”

5823538702_a9e7426466_b Many of the leading lights of British rock and roll from the '60s and '70s found themselves at sea in the early '80s. In some cases, these artists tried to modernize their sound to fit the MTV era and lost their identities in the process. Others pretended as if nothing had changed and sounded completely out of touch. The Kinks were able to sidestep these issues for the most part because Ray Davies has always been a malleable songwriter, just as comfortable writing a vaudevillian ditty as he is churning out a thunderous rocker. There are bits of both of those extremes in their biggest 80’s smash, 1983’s Top 10 U.S. hit “Come Dancing.” The bright, buoyant sound the band conjured wouldn’t have sounded at all out of place at a 50’s dance hall, but Dave Davies’ thunderous guitar break showed all the nascent hair metal bands just how it was done. Found on the 1983 album State Of Confusion, “Come Dancing” freely indulges in nostalgia, somewhat bittersweet but ultimately uplifting. Yet the song was born from a tragic incident in the life of Ray Davies: the death of his older sister Rene of a heart attack at age 31 on the same day she gave Ray a memorable 13th birthday present. “She also gave me my first guitar on my birthday as a present,” he told NPR in 2014. “We played it. It was quite a surreal scene, almost. It was a sunny day. I was born on a mid-summer day, so the 21st of June. And she was told she had severe heart problems, but she loved to dance and the doctors told her if she walked down the road, she'd probably have a heart attack. So she bought me this not very expensive Spanish guitar [and] gave it to me on my birthday. We played a few songs. She played a song on the piano and I tried to play with her and she... Sign In to Keep Reading

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