New Country and Americana Albums for April 26, 2024: New Music from Charley Crockett, Lost Dog Street Band, & More

We’ve made it to the end of another workweek. This is also the final New Music Friday of April. This week’s stack of new country and Americana albums is all about quality over quantity. There may be fewer albums than in other weeks this month. However, there are no less than two solid contenders for Album of the Year in the list below.

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This week brought us new albums from country mainstays, a band rising from the ashes like an Appalachian phoenix, a stellar debut from The Lostines, a great new release from Lawrence Rothman, and so much more.

Standout Releases

This is plenty of great new music this week. However, choosing the standout releases of the week was an easier task than usual. It’s not every day that we’re lucky enough to get new releases from Lost Dog Street Band and Charley Crockett on the same day.

Survived isn’t just a standout release in this list of new country and country-adjacent albums. It’s a standout release in Lost Dog Street Band’s stellar discography. The album sees the band embracing professional production can collaboration. It also carries the sound of a band made up of members who were ready to walk away before they rediscovered their passion for the project. In short, Survived delivers everything longtime fans could want from a Lost Dog album and so much more.

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The production of Survived is smoother than ever before. However, Benjamin Tod’s songwriting is no less personal, thought-provoking, or relatable. As usual, he dug deep and bled out a collection of songs from the center of his soul.

Standout Tracks: “Survived” “If You Leave Me Now” “Divine to Be

Charley Crockett is nothing if not consistent. $10 Cowboy is a near-perfect example of that consistency. Crockett and the band delivered a heaping helping of their trademark “Gulf and Western” sound here. As usual, Crockett’s songwriting and instantly recognizable vocal delivery take center stage. For longtime fans, this album is going to check all of the boxes and scratch all of the itches. For those who are just finding Crockett, it’s as good an introduction to his work as any.

Crockett is one of the most captivating storytellers in the country music world today and this album is proof of that. Whether he’s telling autobiographical stories or spinning a fictional yarn, the Texas native knows how to take listeners on a journey.

Standout Tracks:Ain’t Done Losing Yet” “Diamond in the Rough” “Spade

New Country and Americana Albums for April 26, 2024

Survived—Lost Dog Street Band
$10 Cowboy—Charley Crockett
As Above Now So Below—Crow and Gazelle
Soldier On
—Pi Jacobs
Life After Life—Mark & Maggie O’Connor
Picasso’s Villa—Anders Osborne
Bring in the Light—Phoebe Rees
The Plow That Broke the Plains—Lawrence Rothman
Sweet Decline—Holly Lerski
Light Verse—Iron & Wine
One of These Days—Chris Jacobs
Meet the Lostines—The Lostines
Music from Crazy Hearts—Wesley Dean
Nobody’s Born with a Broken Heart—MacKenzie Porter
True As They Come (EP)—Shay Martin Lovette

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