Music + Tech Special: Writing/Organization

These apps will help ensure those brilliant couplets and melodies don’t get lost in the void.

We’ve all had those million dollar song ideas occur while walking down the street or using the bathroom. These apps will help ensure those brilliant couplets and melodies don’t get lost in the void. Evernote ( Evernote is a cross-platform app designed for note-taking and organizing and archiving various types of information. While that sounds simple on the surface, Evernote offers a multitude of capabilities that make it useful as a tool for the songwriter and musician in terms of staying organized and not losing ideas. The program works well for storing text, photos, audio, and various kinds of notes, making it perfect as a convenient location to safely stash those once-in-a-lifetime lyrical and musical epiphanies. Evernote is basically a souped-up version of the standard notepad, with added functionality like automatic syncing over the web between all devices on Mac/PC, and screenshotting written notes for easy transferring. The company offers a free online version for iPhone/iPad/Android, and premium and business versions are also available. Features vary among the free and paid versions of the app, so it might take a little exploring for a user to decide which plan suits him or her best. But the fees for features beyond…

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