Erin Rae: The Great Reckoning

“Some of the new songs were about things I was trying to get clear and honest with myself about,” Rae says.

[caption id="attachment_209987" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Photo by Marcus Maddox[/caption] When Erin Rae began recording her second album, she was nervous. Unlike the sharply-observed character sketches on Soon Enough, Rae’s 2015 debut that introduced her as one of East Nashville’s most promising young folkies, the vulnerable songs she had been writing over the past few years were much more intensely personal. She was afraid to share them with her band, and with the world, worried, more than anything, that no one would care. Rae was particularly apprehensive about one song, “Bad Mind.” Like much of the material on Rae’s excellent new album, Putting On Airs, Rae wrote the song as a way to come clean with herself, a confessional and a self-reckoning with some of the struggles and insecurities the young singer-songwriter has faced regarding her own identity and sexuality as a young woman growing up in the South. “It was scary to let other people decide if they wanted to work on that song,” says Rae, 27. “That was the scariest one, because I didn’t know if other people were going to be into this.” After receiving the unwavering support and enthusiasm from her team of collaborators, Rae recorded a dozen…

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