Measure For Measure: Creativity Redux

While sitting in a bookstore coffee shop with my laptop recently, I paid a visit to the American Songwriter website, where one of my early blogposts popped up. “Ah yes, ‘The Quest For Creativity,’” I thought. Suddenly, I sprayed espresso all over my computer screen. July 13, 2011! It can’t be! While my brain cued “Yesterday,” I glanced nostalgically through the cloud of smelly smoke rising from my ruined screen. That’s when lightning struck: Front and center in a magazine rack, in giant letters, was a title: “The Science of Creativity.” The word “TIME” in red above it removed all doubt. “A-ha! The gods are telling me it’s time to revisit creativity. Science has found the answer!” Flipping through the pages at random, I came to the following words of wisdom: “When the answer was intuitive, about a third of a second before the subject pushed the answer button, the EEG picked up a burst of gamma-wave oscillations above the right ear.” Just then, my right inferior-superior temporal gyrus banged out a new song. It was a beauty, too. But back at home, I wound up prone on the sofa, drinking a beer and watching TV. “Why bother?” I mused.…

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