5 Camila Cabello Songs That Show Off Her Versatility

Over the past decade, Camilla Cabello has become one of pop music’s most ear-catching superstars. Though she was introduced to the world on The X Factor as a member of Fifth Harmony, the singer truly came into her own when she launched her solo career.

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Cabello proved herself as a force to be reckoned with when she dropped “Havana” in 2017. Though she’s also a chart-topping superstar with bops for days, Cabello also has a knack for penning emotional songs that tug at the heartstrings. Check out five of her best songs below.

1. “Consequences”

When Cabello sang loving you has consequences, it wasn’t even the most heartbreaking line in the powerful song written by Cabello, Emily Weisband, Nicolle Galyon and Amy Wadge. The piano pop ballad showed off the singer’s skills as a songwriter through such descriptive lyrics as, Secret keeping, stop the bleeding/Lost a little weight because I wasn’t eating/All the songs that I can’t listen to, to tell the truth. The twinkling melody and her pretty voice, coupled with the raw nature of the song, make “Consequences” one of her best.

2. “First Man”

Like “Consequences,” “First Man” demonstrated Cabello’s ability to craft a sentimental song. She co-wrote it with Wadge and Jordan Reynolds about her father Alejandro. The song features such tear-inducing lyrics as, Now you’re on the driveway faking a smile/You wish you could tell him he doesn’t deserve me/So I had to stop the car and turn around/To tell you, you were the first man that really loved me.

The singer really pulled at the heartstrings when she sang “First Man” at the 2020 Grammy Awards directly to her father, who had tears in his eyes as he was sitting in the front row. “First Man” offers fans a glimpse into Cabello’s heart through song, easily making it one of her best.

3. “Havana”

“Havana” turned Cabello from a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony into a full-blown solo superstar. From the distinct opening piano notes, “Havana” is infectious from start to finish. The smooth blend of saxophone and trumpet feels as though you’ve been transported to the colorful streets of Cuba through the song.

The Latin-infused track that honors her roots in her birth city of Havana translated around the world, topping multiple charts, including the Billboard Hot 100. “Havana” helped Cabello kick off her solo career with a bang and is likely to remain one of her best songs ever.

4. “Never Be the Same”

Cabello followed up the success of “Havana” with another signature hit, “Never Be the Same.” Just as much of an earworm as its predecessor, “Never” shows off the range of her soprano vocals as she sings, Just one hit of you/I knew I’ll never be the same. The song hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and proved that Cabello is much more than a one-hit wonder, further solidifying her superstar status.

5. “My Oh My

“My Oh My” is the perfect combination of sassy and catchy. The second to last single off her sophomore album, Romance, “My Oh My’ is a little spooky, with Cabello’s shriek at the beginning and references to a man that, like a monster, comes alive at midnight. Despite her sweet nature, one can’t help but believe Cabello as she sings in the sultry lyrics, I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl/Tonight I don’t wanna be her, in one of her catchiest songs.

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