8 Band Names That Are Impossible to Spell on the First Try

It can be difficult to remember how to spell some of your favorite band names.

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The bands that have made real, significant impacts on history. Yet also those band names that just don’t flow off the fingertips when you’re trying to write their monikers down.

Below, are eight bands with names that are impossible to spell correctly on the first try.

1. Queensrÿche

Not the easiest to say and certainly not the easiest to spell, this prog rock band from Bellevue, Washington, nevertheless made an impact on the musical landscape. The name is hard to spell largely because of the Umlaut, but if you can headbang and spell this moniker, you’re a certified genius!

2. Hüsker Dü

The Minnesota-born punk rock band also takes advantage of the Umlaut—not once but twice! While the group broke up in 1988, it gave the world musician Bob Mould. And another reason to celebrate the Umlaut, along with Queensrÿche and Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

3. Linkin Park

Just a hard name to remember. Easy to say, but hard to spell if you aren’t uber-familiar. The 16th President of the United States spelled his name Lincoln. So, to get used to spelling this popular nu-metal band’s moniker, an ode to Santa Monica’s Lincoln Park, correctly takes a bit of time. Nevertheless, their songs, especially when crossing over with Jay-Z, were tight.

4. Gotye

This Australian-born musical project is known for the billion-streaming song, “Somebody That I Used To Know,” which featured the silky smooth singer Kimbra. Gotye, who has a mesmerizing mouth, is also a tough word to remember, especially for those who have a tendency to get words backward. Your brain wonders: Is it Gotye? Goyte? Can you remember without looking it up?

5. Sigur Rós

The Iceland-born band makes people likely think of Sugar. At first glance, perhaps you think the group is called Sugar Roast or Sugar Rus? Either way, it’s something completely different. The band, which often sounds like what the northern lights look like, is worth remembering.

6. Alvvays, CHVRCHES and PVRIS

There was a trend recently in which indie bands replaced certain letters—W’s, U’s, A’s—with the letter V. Why? Not sure. The bands likely have good reasons. Or maybe it’s just an aesthetic thing, wanting to stand out. Either way, these three groups all seemed to enjoy the trend and have made the lives of their fans that much harder. We kid, we kid!

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