Matt Rogers’ New Single “Be Like Him” is Raw & Profound

Matt Rogers, a Georgia-based singer/songwriter, got his start by entering as many songwriting contests as he could— and after years of perfecting his songwriting— Rogers’ new single is bound to make waves. As the first focus track from his upcoming album, “Be Like Him” is full of pleading and sincerity. The single is out now and exclusively premiering on American Songwriter (July 9).

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“Be Like Him” peers inside the difficult process of building trust where there are painful memories of being treated poorly in a previous relationship. Rogers sings with conviction about how he will never be like that other guy who left his lover heartbroken. He delivers an emotional, vulnerable performance that speaks to working on building trust where there isn’t initially any.

Rogers commented on what inspired the song: “I had been holding onto the idea for a while of being ‘next’ to someone who had been damaged emotionally in a relationship. That sort of picking up the pieces of the mess someone else made before you.”

He continues, “There are so many dynamic levels of relationships. I think that’s what makes them so easy to write about. They are relatable as we all have relationships of all spectrums in our lives and trying to find a fresh way to say something that is common to people, or a new approach to describe something that doesn’t get covered much is the real hurdle to songwriting. However, getting over said hurdle typically makes for really good songs.”

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In the catchy chorus, Rogers sings, I ain’t ever gonna be like him / I’ll never tell you lies like him / I’ll never leave you sittin’ all alone, staring at your phone, through mascara running, don’t know what went wrong.

“I think the hook is compelling,” Rogers said, “Showing up, being present for someone who’s been hurt, earning that trust when you weren’t responsible for them losing it. Those are difficult situations. But we’ve all been disappointed or let down at some point in our lives by someone. I like the idea of being on the other side of that emotion and the positivity it can have.”

Though an unfortunately common situation inspired the tune, this song is brutally relatable and you can’t help but belt out the chorus. You can listen to “Be Like Him” here now.

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