Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Maggie Andrew

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Maggie Andrew over Zoom video!  

LA-based pop artist, songwriter and creator, Maggie Andrew, has released part 2 of her 3-part trilogy, “ILMIHM,” out now. This trilogy is an in-depth musical, visual and emotional experience, inspired by her own life, that will introduce fans to a world they can immerse themselves in. Directed by Grammy nominated director, Andy Hines [Kanye West, Lizzo, Logic, Luke Combs], “ILMIHM” comes fresh off the release of “Honda Civic” part 1 of the MAGGIE ANDREW TRILOGY.

Throughout this trilogy, we will see a female reclaim her trauma and use her darkest moments as inspiration for others to overcome their own obstacles. The visual for “ILMIHM” [I Love Me I Hate Me] starts off with Maggie working at a Pizza Shop, which is meant to mimic her life back in Nova Scotia. In this life she’s miserable, depressed and working a job she hates; all while being physically and emotionally abused behind closed doors by her boyfriend at the time. As Maggie acts out, throwing pizza boxes across the counter, she quits her job and the scenes start to flip back and forth between real life and the life that she’s moving into/manifesting for herself. On the flip side of this “double life,” you see Maggie being pampered in what looks like a luxurious life, all while she’s singing lyrics that represent the complete opposite; “There’s a voice inside my head telling me I’m fine, while the other one is yelling all the time. Am I just going insane from every lie I can’t escape? I’m not okay. I love me and I hate myself” 

As we move from one video to the next within this trilogy, we get sucked into Maggie’s past life and how she was able to escape it. 

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