D’Addario Accessories Launches Several New Products

D'Addario String Height Guage
D’Addario Accessories is excited to announce their new tool for the perfect guitar set up - the D’Addario String Height Gauge. The D’Addario String Height Gauge is an all-in-one tool to help you set up your guitar with the highest possible level of precision. Made of stainless steel, this durable tool helps you easily measure the height of your strings and pickups, neck relief, and other critical measurements. With access to these measurements all in one place, getting your guitar into its best playing form has never been easier. The D’Addario String Height Gauge included US and metric sizes and is made of stainless steel construction, available April 1 at $14.00 MSRP. D’ADDARIO CINCHFIT NOW AVAILABLE FOR TAYLOR GUITAR
D'Addario CinchFit for Taylor Guitars
D’Addario Accessories is excited to add a CinchFit Acoustic Jack Lock that is made specifically for Taylor guitars (Expression System). Endpin jacks are notorious for creating hassles when applying and removing standard guitar straps, and usually require modification to the strap which results in a less-than-desirable fit. With CinchFit, players now have a fast and easy solution for attaching their strap to acoustic guitars with endpin output jacks. The Acoustic Cinch Fit loops through the end of any instrument strap, and its magnetic security clasp makes sure it stays in place. The cinch clamping action also allows easy application and removal, utilizing the weight of the instrument to remain locked onto the endpin so the guitar is always held securely. And with no strap modification required, now you can easily attach any strap to acoustic endpin jacks. The CinchFit Acoustic Jack Lock for Taylor will be available April 1 and retails for $19.95. D’ADDARIO ACCESSORIES ADDS NEW DIY SOLDERLESS CABLE KIT WITH MINI PLUGS
D'Addario Accessories Solderless Cable Kit
D’Addario Accessories is excited to launch another addition to their premium cable offerings – the DIY Solderless Pedalboard Audio Cable Kit with Mini Plugs. D’Addario cable kits are the ultimate solution for custom wiring your pedalboard or rack gear when space is restricted. Featuring solderless plugs that connect to cables in seconds, creating custom lengths has never been easier – it’s as simple as cutting the cable to length, placing the cable end into the plug end, and securing the set screw to produce flawless, great-sounding cables. The included plugs can be configured for straight or right angle connections, and use less space than standard audio plugs. The plugs also feature our patented Geo-Tip design for an enhanced connection in any instrument, pedal, or amp jack for custom cables that produce the most accurate and reliable reproduction of your sound. Including 10 plugs, 10’ of cable, mini cable cutter, and screwdriver, D’Addario’s DIY Solderless Pedalboard Audio Cable Kit with Mini Plugs is available April 1 - $133.80 MSRP / $69.99 MAP. D'ADDARIO ACCESSORIES UPDATES ITS POPULAR 9V ADAPTER D'Addario Accessories 9v AdapterD’Addario Accessories has updated its popular 9V Adapter in order to meet the new Energy Efficiency Standards for external power supplies. The updated adapter has been upgraded to output 500mA (previously 300mA) of 9VDC power and can now be used with 100V-240V AC input voltage. This improved adapter has a barrel size of 2.1mm, with a cord length of 72 inches, and can be used with all common effects pedals with tip “-“ inputs. The D’Addario 9V Adapter is now available in F and G plug types starting April 1 at $14.05 MSRP. D’ADDARIO ACCESSORIES INTRODUCES AUTO LOCK GUITAR STRAP DESIGNED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NED STEINBERGER Available April 2018
D'Addario Ned Steinberger Auto Lock Strap
D’Addario Accessories is excited to launch a brand-new addition to the Ned Steinberger accessory line with the Auto Lock Guitar Strap. The D’Addario Auto Lock Guitar Strap is the simplest integrated strap locking system for your performance. Simply slide the strap end over the guitar strap buttons and you are locked in -it’s that easy. The grey latch is spring-loaded so it automatically clamps down on the strap button and will not release until you want it to. Just push up on the grey latch, slide off the end, and the strap is removed. Works with most strap buttons on the market. The Auto Lock Guitar Strap was designed in partnership with Ned Steinberger. The Auto Lock Guitar Strap (50BAL00) is $42.90 MAP.

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