Daily Discovery: Evalyn Pays Homage To Her Community On Electro-Pop Track, “Under the Same Stars”

“I’ve been an avid fan of all things music since I was a kid—listening to it, singing it and writing it,” Evalyn began.

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Based in Los Angeles, Evalyn is a rising voice in the dreamy, electro-pop world. Getting her big break after being featured on Louis The Child’s 2016 track, “Fire”—which has amassed somewhere north of 60 million streams on Spotify alone—she’s spent the past few years beefing up her catalog and spreading her name. Now, in May 2021, she released her newest EP: I Love You, Keep Going, Pt I, which features the highlight single, “Under the Same Stars.” 

With an ambient synthscape serving as her backdrop, Evalyn’s voice on “Under the Same Stars” is smooth, emotive and brilliant, falling in the same Azure Ray-inspired tradition as Phoebe Bridgers. And just like those acts, the song is movingly confessional, shining a light on both Evalyn’s knack for humility and her appreciation for community. 

“I wrote this song while I was experiencing a really tough moment and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people who were willing to step up to help me,” Evalyn explained. “I still feel that all the time. I also wrote it because I was listening to all of this incredible ambient, healing music at the time, looking for sonic ways to calm my nervous system. Feeling inspired by all of those sounds, I brought them into the studio to create something of my own.”

To that end, even the “keep going” part of Evalyn’s EP title is an homage of sorts to some of the folks who’ve supported her the most. “So many artists made me want to write songs and be a musician, but it was my family that inspired me to believe I could do it,” she explained. “My grandparents have always encouraged me to push for my musical dreams, and sometimes their belief in me when I felt like giving up was the only thing that kept me going. Whether it was having me practice new songs in their living room as a kid or letting me crash in their guest room in college as a record label intern or flying to Los Angeles to see one of my first big shows, they have been cheering me on the whole way.”

While her cutting-edge electro-pop sound might be new, the love and support pushing her onward is generations-old. Turning her gratitude for her support system into a beautiful musical expression, Evalyn also hopes listeners can connect to the uplifting message of “Under the Same Stars.” 

“I’d like for fans to feel the calm in it and the gratitude and sense of community,” she said. “I hope it’s also a bit of a reminder to anyone who needs it that sometimes the best thing you can do when you’re struggling is to reach out and let someone know.”

Evalyn’s new EP I Love You, Keep Going, Pt I is out now and available everywhere. Watch the music video for “Under the Same Stars” below: 

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