Daily Discovery: Ravahn Glorifies God With Chill Dance Single “Fuse”

Electronic artist Ravahn was born from a spiritual growth from ‘DUVV’, the previous project the introspective singer/producer had crafted while working on her music in South Korea and her home base in New York City. Her debut single “Fuse” announces her “intention to glorify God through my music as ‘Ravahn’.”

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“I had spent a lot of time writing out of my own strength, writing out of my own emotions or will. Whether it was pride, ego, the desire to self-glorify, etc., these sources revealed themselves to be unfulfilling. While I was performing under the name ‘DUVV’, I said my goal was to inspire people to grow closer to God, but my music did not reflect that. Now, I’m writing with a fresh conviction that’s in alignment with my purpose.”

Ravahn’s breathy, tender vocals are sung over synth pads and sparse drum loops, as she wearily confronts the never-ending weekend party life with the realization that her life needs balance. “I don’t want this just to be another weekend” she sings. “Now we’re running in these circles til it’s Monday/ and we’re often looking forward to the weekend.

“I want people to take away that there is a spiritual realm. That the story doesn’t start and end with the mundane elements of life. “Fuse” touches a bit on a wake-up call I had.”

In “Fuse,” an unsure Ravahn writes a letter to God, looking for answers and wanting to do better. God addresses her: “I don’t want you to run away/You have to face what you have done.

The song comes to a literal stop near the 2-minute mark and the mood and groove changes: “God, sometimes when I prayed to you/Nervous and impatient/Do I regret the things I do/You teach me on waiting.

For Ravahn, the answer is quite clear and not so complicated, as she meditates on her reconnection with her Creator: Use your musical talents to spread His word .“I know who I sing this for, my God/I know I sing this for Him.

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