Aidan Alexander Wants to Dance With You at “the end of the world”

“It really felt like the world was ending around us,” Aidan Alexander candidly told American Songwriter. “Twenty-twenty was a lot and I wanted to play into the feeling of loneliness that I think everyone really felt as a whole this last year. It was that helplessness which then turned into dancing when the world was on fire.”

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Amid dancing in the chaos, Alexander released his apocalyptic anthem, “end of the world,” earlier this month. This single comes after Alexander’s playful party track, “I Don’t Love You,” and offers a softer insight into the singer-songwriter’s approach to his art.

“It’s my little vulnerable call of not wanting to be alone,” Alexander said. “And there are many facets to it. But for me, that’s what this song means and I hope my fans and the people who listen can just find comfort… and find a friend in the music.”

Alexander tells American Songwriter that this call for camaraderie was written quickly with the help of co-writers Jason Hahs and Jaqueline (Jax) Miskanic. “There’s so much that I wanted to let out,” he explained. “It was really nice because just getting to immortalize those feelings, and really put them in stone and into music was really therapeutic. It was nice to break it down and look at it from an artistic angle instead of how intense the world can be.”

In an eruption of pop melodies, Alexander addresses his desire to banish loneliness despite the end of the world looming. Alexander pinpoints that this softness can be found in the final post-chorus/bridge of the song where he repeats the phrase, All I need is, building and building on itself until end of the world peaks in a delightful message of companionship.

“end of the world” also holds cleverly poetic lyrics such as humans need humans, and the relatable, I think I’ll call my mother back / She said I gave her a heart attack. Each line convinces you to reach out for your own friends, your own loved ones and dance together to spite the chaos of today. 

Overall, Alexander just hopes you “can find some comfort in it and also just have fun. Music is supposed to be fun.”

Listen to “end of the world” below, and watch out for Aidan Alexander’s upcoming releases off of his forthcoming EP.

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