Exclusive: Kenny G Tells the Story Behind New Single, “Emeline”

In a new clip exclusive to American Songwriter, the legendary saxophone and jazz player Kenny G (born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick), talks about his debut single, “Emeline,” from his newest record, New Standards.

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Kenny G’s new LP is his first full-length solo release in six years.

Check out the instrumental song, “Emeline,” below, which Kenny released earlier this month. Then let’s get some exclusive information behind the song from the successful Seattle-born jazz musician.

For Kenny G, New Standards, which dropped on Friday (December 3), is his first album since the 2015 LP, Brazilian Nights. It comes as part of a recent Kenny G renaissance for the 65-year-old artist, who was also the subject of a new HBO documentary, Listening to Kenny G.

Kenny G, who is one of the best-selling artists of all time, with global sales totaling more than 75 million records, talked about the making of “Emeline” and the structure of the song in this new exclusive clip.

Seated on a cushy couch with a giant G behind him, Kenny G explained: “So, let’s start with ‘Emeline.'” Kenny G plays a few notes on his saxophone and then continues, “I mean, that song—I love the way it starts because it starts with just my first three notes.

Da-da-da and then the band comes in with this chord—this beautiful jazz complicated chord. But the song ‘Emeline’ was inspired by someone that’s close to me and my family. It’s a playful song. It’s light but it’s also got some melancholy to it.

“It’s got a hopeful section. But it’s really just about a very playful, delicate little melody.”

Check out the full clip here below:

Earlier this month, Kenny G posted on Twitter about the release of his new LP, writing, “My brand new album #NewStandards is now available everywhere you get your music. I’d be honored if you started your weekend with some of my new music. https://found.ee/kennyg_newstan

To celebrate the release of New Standards, the distinct musician also released the second single from his new LP, “Anthem,” which you can check out below in all of its jazz smoothness.

Photo courtesy of Kenny G

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