FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE: Bright Future in Sales

Perhaps the ultimate level of acceptance came to the band in the form of a Grammy nomination. Granted, it came when the Fountains of Wayne were ironically tapped for the “Best New Artist” category. With three studio discs and a rarities compilation under their belts from a partnership that is nearly two decades old, Schlesinger finds it kind of laughable. “It was particularly weird that we were nominated for that award nine years after we started,” he chuckles. “But we weren’t complaining. We were pretty sure we wouldn’t win, but it was one of those things that helped put us back on the map a little bit.”

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Chris adds, “The only time I thought something was going to happen was when the people at the ceremony told us to stay in our seats. They were like, ‘Don’t get up. You can’t leave.’ Of course it turns out that was just for camera angles. And then we lost to Evanesence.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is not to expect anything,” he continues. “Everything changes in the music business. No matter what you expect it’s always different.”


Take for example, the notion that S-Curve no longer exists and the Fountains of Wayne have now been officially swallowed up by Virgin Records. “I actually don’t know anyone at the label yet,” Chris says, “which is a little strange because they’re putting out [Out Of State Plates]. I’m sure it’s going to be fine because Virgin actually worked the last one. S-Curve was actually this little label with a staff of less than ten people, so it could be totally great. They’ve put out so many great records over the years and, ironically, we almost signed with them back in ’96 when we were first getting started.”

On the horizon, the band plans to keep a low profile and work on studio album number four. “Our plan is to take it as it comes,” Adam says. “We really want to focus on writing a new record. I’ve had a pretty huge writing spurt lately, but my plan is to just keep on writing. I would guess the album will be out next year. I don’t see us getting anything ready for this year. Of course the single could take off and we might end up on a tour. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.”


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