Wafia Weathers a “Hurricane” to Get Out ‘Good Things’

Wafia searches for positivity after a breakup in new EP, Good Things and single, “Hurricane”

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Wafia’s kindness radiates throughout her voice and her music, even through a computer screen. Just like in her new EP, Good Things, she strives to turn the negative experiences into positive ones.

“This collection of songs to me is like the moment I took the bad and turned it into good. This has been a theme that has sort of run through my whole life. “

“I had gone through this really tumultuous relationship and it was very toxic and ended up having this really long breakup as well. It was just really rough so I threw myself into the music as I’m sure every songwriter does. I felt like I needed to be as transparent as possible but also in all of that, I feel like I obviously wouldn’t be who I am now if I hadn’t gone through that and come out of it on the other end great.”

Her recently released single “Hurricane” is one of the tracks that will appear on the new EP. In this song you can hear the heartbreak along with the strength in the lyrics that talk about the relationship that isn’t working.

“This song to me is about the friends that picked me up when I am turbulent, when I am this messy person and I wanted to give them this song. My family is always there to pick up the pieces after a breakup, so this song is for them.”

Being Netherlands-born, Australia-based, Iraqi-Syrian, and a queer artist, her music was more well-known in Australia than in the U.S. until she moved to Los Angeles and recorded a song with Louis the Child.

“I wouldn’t have imagined that it would have done what it did … Now here in America I have a song that some people know, and I had never really had that with the stuff that I had done prior.”

Wafia has definitely been making a name for herself in America and her music is not going unnoticed. In 2018, she was chosen to be featured as one of Vogue’s LGBTQ+ Musicians To Listen To Now.

“I am really thankful for it. What girl doesn’t want to be in Vogue? It’s also just not something that I saw for myself. As a woman of color, especially an Arab woman of color, I don’t really see myself in those magazines a lot so to be in there and be queer, it was definitely an honor.”

Wafia told American Songwriter that Inclusion is something she strives to deliver in her music. This is a great example of why she was a great artist to be featured in Vogue’s list.

“It’s really important to me that everyone feels really welcome into my music and that it remains accessible. I never want it to be some pseudo intellectual thing.”

Wafia shares that “there’s a comfort in not being alone” during a difficult time, like a breakup. She hopes this song and EP will resonate with people and will make them feel like they can get through whatever they are struggling with and see the good in the situation.

Listen to “Good Things” and “Hurricane” down below, check the smartlink to get the new tunes.

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