IDT Launches Inovative Music Sponsorship Network

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IDT Media Group and its subsidiary, DiskFaktory, have announced the creation of the Music Sponsorship Network, a system that will connect upstart musicians with commercial sponsors. Artists are able to upload their music and submit information that would be helpful in their marketing (genre, target audience, etc.) The MSN then finds a potential match from its pool of sponsors. If the sponsor approves, the artist is immediately granted funding for CD production and duplication. Each artist or group will receive a minimum of 100 copies (complete with jewel cases and artwork), with the caveat that the sponsor will reap the benefits of a small printed ad somewhere in the CD artwork.

The mutually beneficial arrangement is encouraging for all parties involved. Artists get the opportunity to freely distribute their own work in professional-quality packaging, as well as the chance to gain 100% profits from the sale of their CDs. A press release also states, “CDs will also include DiskFaktory’s MFA TM interactive technology with great features to help the artist further build their fan base.” Sponsors enjoy inexpensive and lasting advertisements for a particular demographic, easy philanthropy, and street-cred.

In addition to temporarily offering free submission to iTunes, the MSN plans to eventually extend its services to sponsored live events. Get your demos ready, and check out for more information.

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