Listen to Sean Rowe’s “Newton’s Cradle” For An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Photo by Matt Dayak

Sean Rowe, a gruff-voiced, big bear of a songwriter from Upstate New York, has always had a way with metaphor.

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For his latest single, he looks to the laws of physics to help illustrate the nature of a lover’s quarrel.

“When I was writing the lyrics of the song I kept thinking about the Newton’s Cradle — you know, that toy that you set off and it reacts back and forth,” Rowe told American Songwriter. “And it reminded me of a relationship, of fighting, of that feeling when you just keep setting each other off, making each other crazy and all you want to do is walk away. When we shot the video I wanted to show that feeling you feel in an argument like the whole world is coming down around you and you feel like you’re losing your mind a bit. We had a lot of fun with the masks and props and the different settings. I wanted to do something different, and we nailed that.”

Listen to “Newton’s Cradle” below, and be on the lookout for his forthcoming album, New Lore, out April 7 via Anti- Records.


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