Lowen Talks Unconditional Love in Tenacious New Song “Just F*cking Let Me Love You”

Singer Songwriter Lowen, also known as Emily Kopp has dreamed up a song which blurs the lines between grunge, pop and rock, with a music video fashioned in the style of nineties VH1 alternative rock.  An indie-pop/rock artist industry-wise, but Lowen is 100 percent a diva performer, and she shows just how tenacious she can be on “Just Fucking Let Me Love You.”

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“‘Just Fucking Let Me Love You’ started with a couple of phrases I had unintentionally, but poetically, spewed to my wife (Robyn) during a passionate argument about, who knows what-we can’t even remember,” recalled Lowen.  “All I know is that the words felt so beautifully heartbreaking that I had to write them down. I had no initial song intentions at the time. The words were so conversational, but they carried so much weight that I just wanted to hold onto them. If a song came, then it came.”

“Just Fucking Let Me Love You,” like many great songs was conceived in the late-night hours with close friends hanging out, writing and getting stoned together.  

“Two of my best friends, Ellery and Carlos, and I were hanging out in my studio writing one night. I love writing conversationally and putting a magnifying glass on small life moments, but we still didn’t know what the ultimate message of the song was,” said Lowen.  “So naturally, we took a break, got stoned, and tried again. We started to cycle through the chorus a bunch and suddenly, my friend Carlos started riffing and shouted, “Just Fucking Let Me Love You” and we all went nuts. 

“We finished the song at 5am. To me, it’s the ultimate love song. It’s not a sugar-coated version of love. It’s not glossed over in metaphors,” she said.  “Those songs can be and are beautiful, but that’s not this. This is the up-close stuff, the day to day, a person telling their person to just ‘let’ them. The message is love but it’s a real tangible human love.  It’s frustrating, it’s brutally honest, it’s desperate and it’s unconditional.”

“Just Fucking Let Me Love You” is touching to say the least.  It’s a catchy song based on pop-centralized verses with heavy alliteration, making the lyrics easy to remember. It builds and peaks at a crashing, rock chorus, while Lowen belts out the words “Just fucking let me love you.”  It’s incredibly radio-worthy and still carries an impactful weight of an indie style song.  

The root of the impact quality of the track, sparks from a time when Lowen wasn’t necessarily at her best.  She had traveled around the world, finding herself through music, culture, people and food, all beside her now wife.  

“Through my travels I was able to give myself the gift of time, perspective, and complete presence. Everything we needed (my now wife and I), was in our backpacks,” Lowen explained.  “We lived in a van, I cried and wrote a lot in that van. I was no longer addicted to chasing my career. I decided I wanted to focus on living my life in a balanced well-rounded way, which allowed me to return to music again from a place of heart and honesty.”

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