Lynne Hanson Goes Deep and Shares the Meaning Behind “Long Way Home”

Canadian singer-songwriter Lynne Hanson shares a first glimpse of her new video for the track “Long Way Home” from her upcoming record ‘Just Words.’ The new album is out via independent release February 7 and you can catch the video today on American Songwriter. 

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Hanson is a genuine songwriter who has lived a true musician’s lifestyle and it often put her through the ringer, but she always came out on the other side of it.  Now eight years into sobriety she often revisits her old life in her songs, writing about old feelings and past loves, using songwriting as an outlet for her thoughts.  

“I feel one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given as a songwriter is that I have a place I can put my thoughts and emotions-positive or painful,” said Hanson.  “As much as I love a happy, uplifting song, I truly feel that it’s the painful experiences that tend to produce really great art. Pain strips you of all pretense and sense of form and leaves you with just the raw truth of pure expression in order to free yourself from the burden of carrying it.”

The song offers varied meanings for everyone and if you have ever suffered you can easily find something relatable in the lyrics. Hanson explains what the song means to her and how it relates to her life.  

“I often get asked whether the songs I write are about my own life. “Long Way Home” really was me for the better part of my adult life,” she said.  “This past September, I celebrated my eighth year of sobriety and I have made the long walk home that I sing about in the song many times in my life. During that long way home, I often preferred to be alone with my thoughts in the hopes that I might lose the demons along the way, and hopefully not bring them into the house with me when I got home. So, for me this song really is the heart of the album.” 

“Long Way Home” captures that feeling we all know too well of heartbreak, lingering inner-demons and the leering thought of being alone.  Coupled with solid production and intimate lyrics Hanson shares these fears in the chorus: I got sad songs on my mind, the broke down, heartbreak kind.  Tonight, I’m drunk, I’m a little bit stoned. I heard you’re doing fine, for me its gonna’ take a little more time.  I’m taking the long way home.

The music video for “Long Way Home” needs no glamour or fancy imagery.  The minimalistic video presents Hanson with her guitar on an empty road and in an old Pontiac convertible and mirrors the lyrics, presenting a sense of loneliness.   The video was directed and shot by Lesley Marshall of Marshall Audio-Visual Network at the Skylight Drive-In and a few other local spots in Pembroke, Ontario.  

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