1st Place
“Make Believe”
Kyle Cox
Orlando, Florida
Q&A Feature

2nd Place
“Dirt Beneath My Nails”
Larry Black
Asheville, North Carolina

3rd Place
“Let The Blue Skies Go To Your Head”
Jesse Terry
Nashville, Tennessee

4th Place
“In The Last Month Of The Year”
Steve Waldhauser
Saint Peter, Minnesota

Honorable Mention
“While Tumbleweeds And The Credits Roll”
Robert Otting and Joel Smyers
Illinois City, Illinois

“Live My Life”
Abby Hinton
Nashville, Tennessee

“What’s Left”
Kelly Welch
New York, New York

“Lay It Down On Me”
Denise Pharris
Tucson, Arizona

“Run Rabbit Run”
Neal Gomberg
Chappaqua, New York

Gary Strauss

Brian Henault
Belchertown, Massachusetts

“Doin’ For Daddy”
Darwin Nelson
Lucedale, Mississippi

“Quitting You”
Elizabeth Eckert
Nashville, Tennessee

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