Moontoast Launches Free “Impulse” Tool For Facebook

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Moontoast, a Nashville, Tennessee-based tech start-up, recently launched a new music tool called Impulse™ for integration with Facebook.

While at first glance, Impulse™ looks a bit like RootMusic’s BandPage, Moontoast CTO Marcus Whitney says, “The big difference is you can actually sell your song in Impulse.”

(Full disclosure: Whitney and other employees of Moontoast previously worked at Remarkable Wit, American Songwriter‘s new media partner from 2007-2009.)

Moontoast started out with a focus on video but, over the last two years, has evolved into a social commerce platform, and has begun providing services for major clients in Nashville like Big Machine Records.

Whitney says Big Machine Records has had a lot of success with social commerce within Facebook, citing the recent launch of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now campaign, on which Moontoast was a partner.

While Impulse™ is a free product, Moontoast will make money through a 15% revenue share when a partner sells a product.

Whitney says when a fan “likes” something on an artist’s Facebook page, Impulse™ provides “a great opt-in vehicle to promote anything,” from TV appearances to selling CDs or downloads. Impulse™ also helps measure the value of that particular fan.

With more and more businesses in the music space relying on direct-to-fan models, Whitney hints at what he thinks comes next. “We think the next phase of direct-to-fan is in unique exclusive experiences – and leveraging technology to create and deliver it.”

He says he’s already seen it work well with Reba McEntire’s campaign for All The Woman Am I.

Whitney says they’re focusing on attracting super-fans. “We’re building tools into Impulse – things that will make fans feel special.”

Note: a previous version of this article incorrectly listed the revenue share as 50%, instead of 15%.


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