Natalie Hemby Tells the Story of “Worn” at the Opry

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Songwriter Natalie Hemby has long been known for crafting hit songs for artists like Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert, but earlier this year she stepped out on her own with her excellent solo debut Puxico. The collection sees Hemby sonically branching out from her country roots while taking a closer look at her personal ones, the latter explored through the lens of her familial connection to the town of Puxico, Missouri.

Hemby made her Grand Ole Opry debut in April, and during her time there she offered the story behind the atmospheric, nostalgic Puxico track, “Worn.”

“‘Worn’ is very personal to me on many levels because I kind of wrote it about my grandparents’ small hometown in southeast Missouri called Puxico, which is the name of my record,” Hemby explains. “I absolutely love the old building structures and all that sort of thing — it’s very run down, but to me it’s just a priceless place that I love to visit and I have so many memories.”

Watch Hemby discuss “Worn” at length below.

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