Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Radio Free Universe

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We had the pleasure of interviewing songwriters/producers George Panagopoulos and Mark McMaster of Radio Free Universe and Jetpack Records over Zoom audio! ​​ ​​

Radio Free Universe is – George Panagopoulos [vocals, guitar], Steve Pelletier [bass], Adam Neumann [guitar], Ashton Norman [drums], and Vincent Sciara [keys]. ​​ ​​

The band has paved the way for the Love with a pair of singles in 2019. Fusing airy acoustic strumming and a stark vocal, “Even Angels” has clocked over 110K Spotify streams and the soulful strut of “She’s High Again” surpassed 66K Spotify streams in just a few months. “Never will you find a more innovative way of shaking up the typical three-minute, listener-friendly indie rocker that has existed for over half a century” — Pure Grain Audio. ​​ ​​

About Jetpack Records and Sanctuary Recording Studio: “Jetpack is an independent record label founded in Hamilton, Canada in 2016 by Panagopoulos and McMaster. A few years before the two met McMaster had purchased a century-old inner-city church and converted it into a premiere recording studio outfitted with top-shelf analog gear. The two started writing and recording together and by the end of 2014 they became partners in Downtown Hamilton’s Sanctuary Recording Studio. Bringing their collective vision to life, the two incorporate a hybrid of the best of both old-school and modern technology and methods, both in the recording studio and on the songs on Radio Free Universe’s album Love.” ​​ ​​

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