Sasa Stubbs Releases Anthem For the Marginalized, “Feels Like Forever”

A champion for outsiders and a light for the lonely, multi-talented musician, Sasa Stubbs, released “Feels Like Forever” today on all streaming service

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Born Salvatore Galiano, the German-native attributes his outcast identity, style, and tattoos to his childhood spent hopping around his home country. His dynamic, genre-bending sound appeals largely to like-minded misfits. Drawing early hip-hop influence from Eminem and Lil Wayne, he slowly began to incorporate dark rock, deathcore, and punk-pop as he developed into a singer-songwriter and producer. Now that he is well-established in the LA music scene, his sound balances between trap music and dark pop blended with psychedelic synth-pop. 

His latest, “Feels Like Forever,” falls within those ambiguous bounds. Rhythmically circular production evokes a shared sense of stuck inspired by time spent in Germany waiting on his visa to get to the US. 

“Igniting a flame of hope is the most important aspect of this song,” Sasa shared about this narrative single. “My dreams and hopes have always pushed me to take unavoidable risks that come along with being a musician. It’s a retrospective song talking about the obstacles I overcame, the regrets of wasted time, and the mistakes I’ve endured along the path to becoming the musician I am today.”

The messaging aligns with his musical mission to connect the struggling and marginalized. “Feels Like Forever” follows suit in speaking to how he found strength through personal struggles. He acknowledges and unpacks hard truths, like his lifelong struggle with anxiety and panic attacks with inviting authenticity. 

Sasa Stubbs desires to teach love and tell stories of his own personal struggles. He exemplifies this through raw lyric lines like “An empty night I hear the echoes in my head / I contemplate every f—ing step I take, wide awake / My mind is blazin’/ A vision eats me up / Need to be patient, the stars are bright enough.”

 In an announcement post on Facebook last week, the young artist explained, “Instead of focusing on politics or social problems, I just try to discover the universe that’s hidden in all of us. Understand yourself and you’ll understand the world.”

Watch the lyric video for “Feels Like Forever” below. 

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